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Astra Grading & Pipe (AGAP) provides turnkey solutions for all of your grading needs by providing quality, on-time and economic-conscious engineering services. The services we provide include, but are not limited to: grading, water, sewer, and storm work, erosion control, demolition, clearing, and grubbing. We work on all kinds of constructon sites – from industrial development to the development of environmentally sensitive areas for parks and recreation.
  • Turnkey solutions for all grading needs.
  • Commercial and municipal sites.
  • Quality service at competitive market prices.
  • Grading, water, sewer, and storm work.
  • Demolition, erosion control, clearing, and grubbing.
  • Superior service that meets deadlines.

“As project manager, I would like to commend Astra Grading & Pipe Company and its staff on the quality of service they provided in constructing this project.”

— Robert L. Moss, PE, RLS
Williams, Sweitzer & Barnum, Inc